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How do you grow a company of 4 people 600% in two years?

600% growth in two years
5 new courses
1 new member
of staff

Redesigning and automating their sales process allowed Train Aid to focus on launching 5 new courses and 17 new training venues.

Train Aid recognised a substantial increase in sales could harm their delivery and customer service, but wanted to grow quickly. They also realised they weren’t harnessing the potential of their website in delivering the sales they wanted.

Two issues emerged from early discussions; the administration required to handle the inbound sales was already crippling the business, and the website had plenty of traffic, but very little conversion to paid custom.

The following year, the business launched 4 courses, 9 new locations and more than doubled their sales. The year after, 1 new course, a further 8 locations and another doubling of sales!

Identifying key bottlenecks

We took their website and asked ourselves the following question: “Why was it not generating the sales volume it could have been?” A little investigation led us to believe that:

people are confused when they reach the site and don’t know where to go next

In order to prove it, we ran a workshop with the client in which we identified 6 customer profiles based on business data. This uncovered some key facts:

  • Over half of all customers booked on 1 specific course
  • Those customers were predominantly female
  • The majority spoke English as a second language

We also identified that one small process change at head office would have a dramatic impact in reducing the workload of staff.

Planning for growth

We planned, designed and built a new website for Train Aid that was based on the three points above. The content was laid out and written in easy to digest chunks that were written in plain English, and each key decision point was accentuated with a lead to the next relevant piece of content.

In addition, we created a simple to use interface for the head office team to get the booking information from.

The website now had a clear flow, and could guide the visitor through their buying journey. It also gave head office a clean and simple view that saved the staff time by giving them all their booking information in one place.

Achieving massive growth

The new website immediately saw an increase in sales. The first month saw the site match its own previous year’s turnover, and the business went on to double its overall turnover that year. This year, it is about to double again.

Train Aid chart shows business growth

With massive growth, any business will experience growing pains. With that in mind, we ran a one day workshop to identify where the new bottlenecks in the business are, and have created a strategy to further improve business processes that takes into account budgetary constraints.

Tom took the time in the initial consultation stage to really get to know our client base and the types of people that would be finding their way to our website. A clear strategy was proposed with specific deadlines for the different stages and ongoing opportunities for us to give our own feedback. We were given a range of choices at the design stage and we really felt involved in the building of the site. The Basecamp system ensured excellent communication links and enabled us to follow exactly what stage we were at. Our new site is modern and slick, but most importantly enables our users to quickly navigate themselves to their page of choice. -- Tom Casserley, Managing Director, Train Aid