3 Ways Automation Can Make Your Company Money in 2020

It's time to look into it.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is big for any company. It is big in implementation, it is big for productivity and most of all it is big on returns for those smart enough to use it to its full potential.

Many directors have recognised this and embraced it's improvements to their company. Others have swayed away from understanding and incorporating it due to misconceptions or threat of replacing their human workforce.

RPA is not designed to replace the human element. In fact, most directors have stated that it makes the human workforce more productive by eliminating the mundane daily tasks that take up unreasonable time.

As an example, let's look at automating within three internal departments that have been a major factor in employing a happier workforce and a quick return on investment.

Finance and Accounts

One of the biggest areas that has benefitted from automation is within the financial and accounting departments. Companies have incorporated various areas such as invoicing, reporting and data management to be fully automated, followed by accounts payable/receivable and creation of new accounts and records.

These areas can take up to five or six employees with reporting and waiting on each other, whereas the automation of these processes handles them automatically. This has resulted on back office employees concentrating on areas of company growth instead of constantly queuing up updating records and eliminating human error.

Human Resources

Automation has been a valuable aid for companies within the HR department. Prime examples where this has been implemented has been to take care of employee on boarding. 

Other companies have also implemented automation to handle performance appraisal management, as well as leave of absence management. Many companies also use automation to populate employee data into multiple systems.


IT departments have had a huge benefit by adopting automated processes to aid them in creation of new accounts and batch processing. One of the key aids automation takes care of is automatic software installations and updates. Sufficient time and effort is also freed up with automation taking care of printer set ups.

A System that Truly Pays for itself and More

There are hundreds of areas that can be automated within a business and many companies start small so that the system can be live and generating a profit. 

Businesses that have fully embraced automation as a valuable work force have benefitted from not only having a fast and reliable area of business generating large profits, but also the benefits of tax credits for investing in innovations and appreciable improvements to their processes.

2020 is a year to be excited about RPA, having robots taking successful charge of areas of the business that falter from human error in inputting and processing data. Smart companies know how to best utilise their employees whilst the robot element take care of stabilising their business.