The Importance of Being Challenged and Challenging Yourself

Why limit yourself from experiencing what you can be.

As people, we have a weird design flaw. We love to learn new things, but we hate or fear change.

We love the thought of change yet find every conceivable way to hold off from it. It could be a fear of the unknown, confidence in a new direction, but most of the time it comes from being stuck in the comfort of routine.

This is not just in a home life scenario, this is even more prominent in business. Most businesses adopt the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentally with the attitude of "It's worked for us for years."

So let's look at why being challenged is a good thing.


Nobody gets into a business to be last and the economic change forcing most companies to adjust to innovation to stay ahead opens up areas for creative thinking.

Time, capacity and patience are all high areas for challenge, so surprisingly a creative approach can be triggered which also acts as an area of excitement. New projects and outside the box thinking come from time when things feel stagnant.

Heck! This is how the wheel was invented.

Social Growth

Meeting over new avenues and opportunities sparks an increase in your social networking, getting to know new contacts as well as becoming educated to new areas of business.

"You take something from every meeting" is truth. The more you engage in talks about the future, the you learn and want to learn more. 

Not only is your intellect growing but you are also able to discuss your expertise with others instead of pitching to potential clients. This allows other businesses to refer your company with a knowledgable insight.

Identifying Goals

Stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself opens up many new areas to develop further. When you learn new things, meet new people, change old beliefs and discard useless thoughts, it exercises your thinking power to the extreme.

From here you begin to feel like new challenges and an attitude of 'Can I Top This' month by month, beginning to automate yourself into different routines that gives you more freedom to achieve something you believe right now to be unachievable.

Challenging Yourself

The Greatest people and businesses achieved their success and longevity through periods of challenge and innovation. Along the way they developed skills and knowledge to overcome the position of being just like everyone else.

Everyone thinks of being better and is in love with the thought of being number one, but many choose to sit and wait for an opportunity to come get them or stay believing they are the best which allows their competition to breeze straight past them.

If there is only one of you, wouldn't you rather it be the best version of you? 

Some stay where they are out of fear of failure. What if you were told that you cannot achieve success without the risk of failure, and you cannot achieve success if you fear failure?