We're growing our team. Senior Ruby on Rails Software Engineers, apply here!

We're growing here at Initforthe and we're looking for some great people to come and join us on our mission to build software that helps people be their best selves at work.

In simple terms, we’re looking for a self-sufficient senior engineer, capable of working in Rails, Javascript and CSS to work on our client projects.

You will work directly with our clients, sometimes solo (but with support from the broader team), so great non-technical communication skills are imperative; experience in client work is a major plus.

Initforthe builds line-of-business software; you might not be building the next Twitter or Uber, but the code you write will be used every day by real people, usually as a core part of their daily lives. A strong focus on the user experience, and frequent collaboration with the people using our software, are both key to our success.

This is a fully remote role, but is only (sorry!) open to those based in the UK at present.

What you’ll do

What is it like to work here?

As Managing Director, my role is so different from the day to day that I asked my team to put it in their own words:
Working with the team at Initforthe is like a breath of fresh air;  my previous engagement was with a large multi-national organisation and I was simply treated as a number.  We, as engineers were kept at arms length from the end users and this soon became tedious.  However since joining Tomislav and the team I now feel a sense of value in my work, I can see the results first-hand and I speak directly with the users of the software.

The client I'm currently working with is very engaged and knows what he wants but not necessarily how to achieve it, that's where we come in;  we are part of their team and we're treated like it.  Being included in strategic conversations beyond the scope of our project is part of what we do;  not only because it helps our clients achieve but it also allows us to understand their medium to long-term aspirations, therefore we can (if required) cater for these earlier on.  We're not afraid to ask questions.

Our workload is ultimately defined by the client.  We will work together to define the tickets required to complete a piece of work, then I'll go in and add in the acceptance criteria and relevant time estimate.  From then it's down to the client when this is done as they're partly responsible for the priority of tasks.

As tickets are completed and reviewed with the client, they're merged in and deployed to live immediately which allows us to cater for clients needs both quickly and efficiently.

We're a small but dedicated team who take pride in our work; trust, honestly and flexibility are a given.

— Paul Durbin, Senior Ruby Engineer

What skills do you need?

What does the interview process look like?

  1. We’ll have a quick initial chat for about 30 minutes about your skills and experience.
  2. We will ask you to complete a technical assessment, in Ruby on Rails and Javascript. We’d expect this to take no longer than about 2 hours. If you have any open-source projects in Ruby or Ruby on Rails, you can send those to us instead.
  3. We’ll have a longer conversation with you (about 90 minutes), where we’ll discuss your technical assessment (or open source projects!), and have a longer chat about your experience.
This will include about 45 minutes pairing on either an enhancement to the technical test, or a small self-contained ruby task, depending on what you sent us in step 2.

How much are we paying?

We're looking for people to stay with us for the longer term. We have two options:
  1. 12 month contract with option to renew: £350-450 per day
  2. Permanent full-time position: £70,000-90,000 per year
If you're looking for flexibility, this is available too, so please let us know when you're applying what you're looking for in that regard.

What are the "perks"?

* permanent positions only

How do you apply?

Send your CV and covering letter explaining clearly why you believe we are a good fit to [email protected].

PS. If you're a recruiter, we don't need help filling this, so please don't get in contact.