What could technology help you do better within your business?

Technology can help you improve your business and let it work harder for you!

Here at initforthe, we’ve worked in lots of different industry sectors, not least in property. One of the things we’re paid to do is help companies to improve their processes through the use of technology.

Ultimately it’s about improving performance and productivity, which leads to improvements in profitability.

How about this for a thought?

Mobile Listings

Why should an estate agent need to return to the office in order to list a new instruction? High resolution cameras on smartphones/tablets mean there’s no need to download images from the memory card to the desktop and good-sized screens mean you aren’t jumping back and forth to enter details.

After all, the key is getting a property on the market asap. With today’s fast-moving property market, time is literally money and mobile listings provide first mover advantage.

We can’t find any of the property software companies who provide this as an option but it seems a sensible way to maximise productivity to us. If we've missed someone out there who does this, let us know and we'll slap the person who did our research!

We aren’t planning on building this for the market, but we can certainly picture the process and frameworks needed.

This is simply an example of our thinking but if it sounds like something that might be of interest, give us a call.