What does your 2020 look like?

Putting your company's future under the microscope.

So we have reached the end of the 2010s with innovations, changes and growth. Around this time of December, Directors of companies all sizes focus on two things.

A; the Christmas party for the staff and partners, and B; How to navigate a profitable new decade with new challenges and new circumstances around every corner.

As a Director, you are faced with wanting to expand into new areas but maybe not sure of how to navigate that, especially with uncertainty over the future of businesses just on the horizon.

The answer to your future may lie in a software solution to help you get ahead.

Business Process Automation

Automation is the current buzz word floating around most businesses and for good reason. The automation of repetitive daily tasks has proven time and again to provide incredible company growth to businesses that fully embrace the technology.

As a Director, you may be looking at implementing a new division in your business to handle a new product or service. What you are looking into is either recruitment costs or training costs for this new venture. It's a lot of time you don't necessarily have. 

What you do already have to hand is the staff. You have a handful of staff members tied up doing repetitive admin, stock control etc who would like to feel they are being promoted to a new role and would feel appreciated to be placed with that responsibility. They would benefit from automating their current roles that can take up around 70% of their daily tasks.

Happy staff, software doing the work and direct staff cost savings for the year. Straight away you have a winning solution all around.

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Off the Shelf = Off the Rails

There are hundreds of off the shelf solutions out there for businesses to consider. Therein lies the problem. 100's of solutions means that there is not a singular 1 that does everything needed. 

When buying an off the shelf solution you automatically begin to bend your company to its limitations, meaning at some point you will need to buy another to handle the areas the first system cannot. This then leaves you with two systems that you now want to communicate with each other.

Straight away you have even more problems that affect you and your staff who hate the thing. Plus, you also have subscriptions which is dead money every month.

A bespoke system is designed with the company and staff's involvement to do exactly what they want, which has proven to have full staff engagement as they have had a say in the design to make their job easier. Also, a bespoke system built for your company qualifies for R&D Tax Credits from HMRC which you can claim for each year work is done. not just your time/expenses on the project, but also the developers as a subcontractor, giving you a bigger return on investment.

Return on Investment

As a Director your first concerns will be "Will I get a return on my investment?", or "Can we afford this, realistically?"

The question really is "Can you afford not to?" 

Chances are your competitors are already planning and looking into solutions to get ahead and reap the benefits. Any professional developer will be able to convey a return on investment for your company with the implementation of software, and it really comes down to being brave enough to take the step out of the comfort zone and instigate change for the better.

A bespoke system can begin generating results the day it goes live, and most companies see the ROI come back within a few months, if not sooner.

Combined with the R&D tax credit, direct staff cost savings and elimination of human error during daily tasks, you have all the tools to grow your company competently and confidently into the 20's.

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