Train Aid - Training Company

Bookings, course management, payments

Who are Train Aid?

Train Aid is a learning and development provider based in Reigate, Surrey. They offer a wide range of quality on-line and venue based training courses covering disciplines such as first aid, teacher training, assessment and health & safety.

From the very outset of their incorporation in 2009, Train Aid had a firm vision of how they wanted their company to be managed and how they fought to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. They were fully aware of the surge in the number of distance and on-line learning courses being made available – yet were becoming increasingly concerned that many were overpriced, poorly executed and failing to deliver on their advertised objectives.

Their ethos was simple. They wanted to “train people in the way they liked to be trained themselves”. They passionately wanted to ensure that their customer’s journey, be it from a single individual to a large corporation, be as enjoyable an experience from beginning to end as possible and for them to receive true value from their involvement.
Who are Train Aid?

Spreadsheets everywhere

Train Aid came to us to help ease the spreadsheet minefield they’d found themselves in. Spreadsheets for payments, bookings, classroom registers, certificate delivery and more. It was all getting a bit too much and too many mistakes were happening.
Spreadsheets everywhere

One system to rule them all

We proposed building the system piece by piece, allowing cash flow to dictate the development pace of the project.

Starting with booking management, we allowed the business to manage all bookings from one place, integrating Stripe for payments. No more booking or payment trackers!

Since then, we’ve added:

  • Payment plans, allowing customers to pay in instalments
  • Course marking, ensuring students have passed all modules before receiving their certificate
  • Classroom registers, ensuring students on classroom courses attended all sessions

Whilst building Hugo, as they have called their system, we’ve helped streamline and simplify their processes
One system to rule them all

The results speak for themselves

Redesigning and automating the sales process allowed Train Aid directors Tom and Bill to focus on launching new courses and training venues.

Further, streamlining the back-office processes has allowed the business to grow to their turnover by 15 times, compared to when they  started working with us, with only a handful of new hires.
Train Aid
Tom took the time in the initial consultation stage to really get to know our business.

A clear strategy was proposed with specific deadlines for the different stages and ongoing opportunities for us to give our own feedback. We felt really involved in the whole process.