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Who are VAS?

VAS Group are a business in the North East of England who specialise in providing valuation reports for lenders, mitigating their risk when making lending decisions. They started trading with 4 staff in November 2017, and have since grown to a £multi-million business.
Who are VAS?

Managing a growing business is hard

With a completely new business, we had a challenge on our hands. The owners knew they needed a database to store the data, but hadn't considered the additional value that automation of business processes could bring to the table. We'd already built a successful product for Stephen Todd, one of the owners, and he brought us in to build the new system.
Managing a growing business is hard

The all-seeing eye

We built a case management system that allowed the team to focus on looking after the customer, instead of chasing valuations and reports. The system got on with sending reminders, calculating pricing and delivering finalised reports.

We engaged with the whole team to make sure the system worked for them, not just for management, and the results speak for themselves.
The all-seeing eye

1400% ROI in 3 months

We built the first iteration in 6 weeks and it broke even within a week! It went on to deliver a 1400% return on investment in the first three months, allowing the business to turn over more than £300,000 in their first three months trading, with 4 staff.

Gina May, co-founder, told us "without The Oracle, we'd be spending £750k a year more on staff costs".
VAS Group
I was introduced to Tom at Initforthe since I had a specific requirement to create a Valuation Panel to help assist my clients and grow my business. I only had a brief vision of what I needed the software to do, but Tom took the time and effort to sit down with me and fully understand how my business worked and how the new piece of software could be developed to assist my clients, both back then and in the future.
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