Software Development

For a more efficient, effective business.

We create bespoke business software to automate processes which are either complicated, time consuming or merely just repetitive to be done manually. The purpose is to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Don't repeat it. Automate it.

We love to automate the jobs you hate. Our bespoke software is tailored to the exact requirements of your company allowing the software to fully integrate with your business processes.

Software eliminates human error

One of the most common reasons to develop a bespoke software solution is to reduce or eliminate the risk of human error. Replacing these tasks with software improves the effectiveness and consistency of your organisation.

Off the shelf software (doesn't work)

Off the shelf software is often chosen because it is immediately available and a cheaper solution than bespoke software. But this means compromising on your business needs. Often the software will do some of what you need but you will have to change your processes to accommodate the software.

Some businesses are initially put off by the perceived cost of bespoke software. The reality is that whilst the upfront cost may well be more than an off the shelf solution, a bespoke software solution will be built with flexibility and your business’s growth in mind. There are no ongoing licensing fees or fees for individual licenses.

Our software is built with you, for you.

We work with you to ensure that the software does everything you need, and often things you didn’t even know you needed until we work with you to break down your business processes.

Complex Software but not complicated

Despite our software being completely unique to your business, and behind the scenes the software may be extremely complex, it won’t be complicated to use. We don’t write manuals for our software. We don’t need to. If it needs a manual, it’s too complicated. Our software is intuitive and because we’ve worked with you to develop it, you will find what you need where you need it to be.