Web Based Business Software

We create web based software that manages information and connects your team from anywhere in the world.

Why Web Based Software?

There are so many reasons to move to web based software. The flexibility alone is reason enough for many of our clients to make the switch to web based applications. However, here are some of the top reasons our clients have opted for web based software.

Multi Platform Software

Web based software gives your business increased flexibility. Software can be accesses on any platform from PCs and laptops to mobiles and tablets.

Data Security

Traditional software often involves data being stored locally on your employees machines. For employees who are not office based this is a huge risk. All the data processed through our web based software is stored in a highly secure data centre.

Instant Software Setup and Updates

There is no CD with our custom built web applications. There’s no long installation process or lengthy updates. Any updates that we make will happen online, and the next time you use the software, you’ll see the latest version.